1. Don’t let your pregnant cat out of the house.
Don’t put an expectant kitten in harm’s way. There are, however, further explanations. Even while pregnant, some queens go into heat. Cats have the ability to be pregnant with two litters at the same time. Of course, a pregnant cat should not give birth outside in the cold.
2. Feed your cat the proper food.

Calcium and protein should be abundant. Kitten food is specifically formulated to fulfill the nutritional needs of pregnant and nursing cats. Vitamin supplements are also advised.

3. Do not administer any drug to a pregnant woman.

Only in an emergency should a pregnant cat be given medication. The same can be said for deworming or flea-control products. Consult your veterinarian if she has worms or fleas.

4. Create a cozy nest for your cat.

A newspaper-filled box is generally plenty. Place in a warm, sheltered location, preferably one that your cat frequents. Make sure everything is in order two weeks before the due date.

5. Before your kittens are born, find a home for them.

Knowing where the kittens will go will give you peace of mind. It can take a long time to find a kitty a home. You’ll have more time before they’re born to do that.

6. For her litter box, use non-clumping litter.

Cats have been known to give birth in the litter box. If a kitten is born in clumping litter, the mother cat may refuse to clean her infant since the clump has gotten all over the sac. The baby then drowns in its own blood.

7. Keep other cats out of her way.

Do you have more than one feline companion? Your pregnant kitty is looking for some alone time. She dislikes being in the company of other cats during this time, even if she knows them well.

8. Purchase enough food for your cat… and yourself.

There should be no reason to leave your kitty alone in the days leading up to and following the delivery.

9. Determine which veterinarian is available.

Have the phone number of the nearest emergency veterinary clinic written down on a piece of paper. Find out which veterinarian is available for emergency care if there isn’t one in your neighborhood. A simple phone call to a local veterinarian is typically sufficient.

10. Learn everything there is to know about cat pregnancy.

Only by comprehending what you see and hear will you be able to detect difficulties. Plus, if you know how, you can fix a lot of difficulties on your own. So, don’t be alarmed. Instead, get the correct information.


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