1. Maintain good hygiene by cleaning the bird cage and its accessories on a regular basis. Cleaning should take place at least twice a week.
2. We must not allow our birds to come into touch with wild or free-flying birds, as these are the primary carriers of diseases and ailments.
3. Do not expose the bird cage to draughts – the birds may develop a cold – and expose them to the sun for no more than 1–2 hours – they may become overheated and succumb to hypothermia.
4. If you have other pets, such as a dog or a cat, be sure they are not violent toward the birds before putting them in the same room with them.
5. Inspect the bird cage for any protruding parts or things that could endanger the birds.
6. Proper and balanced feeding is a critical component of the birds’ overall health. Aside from grain mixture, they should consume a sufficient amount of fruit and vegetables to meet their vitamin requirements.
7. The adequate supply of minerals is also very important for the health of birds. They can be purchased as a package from the zoo.
8. It is also vital to provide small stones and sand to your birds in a separate container, as this aids in digestion and food assimilation.
9. Overfeeding birds with animal-derived proteins is quite dangerous for them, as it can develop podagra and abnormal hunger.


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