When my previous cat passed away, I opted to adopt a new one from the Humane Society. The first cat I saw was named “Batman,” and I fell in love with him right away.

When I took him home, though, I noticed he lacked the bravery of a comic book hero. I made certain errors, which led in a month-long battle to persuade him to come out of hiding and join the family.

I renamed him Bear, and he is a great cat, but he makes my guests feel uneasy when he enters the room. He is, after all, fully black.

He’s a black cat, and some people are terrified of them…

History of the Black Cat

Black cats have long been associated with bad luck, omens, and, well, evil.

The sad kittens were allegedly the “familiars” of witches and were employed in rituals. Anarchism, as well as Wicca, the modern-day manifestation of Witchcraft, have utilized the black cat as a symbol. A black cat crossing your path is thought to bring ill luck, according to folklore.

Overall, the black cat has gotten a lot of negative press for ages, and it’s not easy to change that in just a few paragraphs of this article.

Fearful Cat

Our new black Bear was a very sensitive cat who was considerably more afraid of us than we were of him, and we made a series of mistakes in the first hour of his introduction that nearly ruined our prospects of bringing him into our home.

Finding Bear in his hiding location in the house and eventually enticing him out of his hiding place to join the family was a lengthy and arduous process. It took nearly a month, and I was beginning to lose hope that we would ever be able to adapt him.

Patience, on the other hand, triumphed…

Superstition is a myth that has been debunked.

Bear has been rolling around on my lap, sleeping in my bed, yowling at the ladies he sees from his perch in the kitchen window, and overall adding a lot of joy to our lives since then.

He’s come to dispel the myth that owning a black cat would bring you bad luck. He’s one of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet, and he’s not in the least bit scared. And I can assure you that there is no ill luck associated with Bear. He’s crossed my path numerous times, and I’ve yet to encounter anything that could be considered “bad luck.”

However, I must admit that on Halloween night, he seemed to be terrified of his own black shadow. But I strive to keep him calm and content to be where he is…purring as loudly as he can in my lap!


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