User-friendly email newsletter templates are advantageous for the newsletter provider since they are inexpensive, accessible, and appealing to potential consumers and clients.

But most importantly, these email newsletter templates are customer/client friendly: they have large enough fonts, use a logical organization, have a few colors to distinguish entries and headers, and have linking capabilities so the readers of the newsletter can read complete articles (as only a teaser may appear in the body of the newsletter), can go to the webmaster’s site to read the newsletter in a different format, or can visit related links (items and sites alluded to in the articles, for example).

I subscribe to a number of writers’ newsletters since they are the finest at assisting us freelancers to get work, avoid scammers and unreliable customers (those who take our work and flee without paying), and learn more and better methods to write, operate a writing company, etc. In addition to these reasons, I prefer to subscribe to and read the newsletters I do because their (the webmasters’) email newsletter designs are plainly well-designed. I say this as someone who is aware of the importance of email newsletter templates that are readable and, if you will, “user-friendly.”

Let me offer you some samples of excellent newsletters for all of the aforementioned reasons and more. Every Wednesday, Angela Hoy publishes a newsletter titled Writers Weekly. Moira Allen delivers the writers’ newsletter from

Writer Gazette’s award-winning newsletter is published by Krista Barrett. You may obtain Dave Copeland’s daily email for freelance writers by visiting And Dan Case provides a newsletter called Writing for Dollars that contains many of the characteristics that authors want.

In addition, Jenna Glatzer publishes a freelance writing email every Wednesday from her website, She is the most involved with her readers, always beginning each issue with a letter describing what she is doing, what we are doing, and what the world of authors are doing. Additionally, Glatzer maintains user-friendly forms.

In other words, she modifies the appearance of the Absolute Write website, the writer forums, and the newsletter. Therefore, she appears to be continually searching for email newsletter templates that cater to the requirements, ambitions, and intents of her readers.

Her websites and newsletters, which are always changing and progressive, have an enormous fan base…for the reasons indicated in the introductory lines. May your own newsletters be as focused, well-intentioned, and successful!

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