Always obtain a valid email address
Amazing is the power of accumulating email addresses. As discussed in a previous post, you may anticipate between 1 and 10 percent of visitors to make a purchase on their first visit to your website (conversion rate) and between 10 and 33 percent to provide you with their email address (signup rate). Frequently, visitors had no intention of making a purchase, but were interested in learning more about your subject. According to studies, it typically takes seven conversations before a buyer purchases a product. In my experience selling websites, it is quite unusual to receive a “yes” on the first visit. Websites may be pretty complicated, so perhaps this is not the finest example, but customers need more knowledge and assurance before they are ready to purchase.

To obtain a customer’s email address, we must provide them with an irresistible product to which they cannot say no. Often, individuals have no intention of sharing their email address, but a well-crafted report or mini-course that is sent to them immediately is sufficient motivation for them to do so.

Autoresponders are the mechanism used to acquire email addresses. Specifically, a database that holds names and email addresses and may send pre-programmed email to recipients. These can be personalized and sent immediately, one day, five days, or up to ten years after the initial email address was received. Highly potent and effective. The most efficient autoresponders are hosted on a different server and you may design your own signup form for your website.

Additionally, you may send emails to your database at any moment. Consider an example of the effectiveness of an email database. Let’s imagine you draw 200 visitors every day (certainly doable) and have a 15% registration rate, which equates to 30 email addresses per day. After one year, you will have 10,950 email addresses. If you put out an advertisement for a $97 course you’ve produced and just 3 percent of your list responds (which is fairly plausible), you will earn $31,864.50 from a single mailing. This profit is realized over a few days and is an excellent illustration of the effectiveness of a distribution list and a product with added value. Be sure to request the recipient’s email address. Our objective is to offer value for our clients, therefore we must determine what information they will find valuable and make it accessible. Email is the simplest technique to accomplish this goal.

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