Autoresponder Services Increase Your Revenue.
Perhaps you, like me, have site hosting that offers limitless autoresponders at no additional cost. Given this, you may be resistant to any suggestion that you begin paying for them.

Recently, I switched to paying a monthly price for an unlimited number of autoresponders. Am I wealthy (with money to waste)? Have I gone insane?

In fact, I think this shift to paid autoresponders to be prudent. Here are various justifications for paying for an autoresponder service.

Sequential Autoresponders While many web providers provide an infinite number of autoresponders, each autoresponder can only deliver a single answer. Using paid autoresponder services to build business contacts might thereby enhance sales.

Tracking Capabilities: The autoresponders provided by your web server do not include tracking capabilities. Paid autoresponder services that track client reaction can result in more successful advertising efforts.

Deliverability: A significant proportion of your newsletter subscribers are not receiving your newsletter if it is issued using the mailing list tool provided by your web server. Using paid autoresponder services to boost email delivery will increase your bottom line.

Since the emails you send are hosted on the servers of the autoresponder provider, you are protected from misleading charges of sending spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail). Legally safeguard yourself with paid autoresponder services.

Consider purchasing an autoresponder tool (or script) that permits you to send an infinite number of sequential autoresponders from your websites. Nevertheless, they can be costly and require considerable technical expertise, and they have additional downsides.

For instance, if you host your own autoresponders, you may still have deliverability and legal protection difficulties.

With their numerous benefits over alternative autoresponder systems, paid autoresponder services may enhance business profitability.

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