There are numerous dog lovers groups in the United States that provide a wealth of resources for both dog lovers and their pets. Here are a few examples.

“For the Love of the Purebred Dog” is a section of the American Kennel Club dedicated to dog enthusiasts. This is more than just a purebred dog article. It’s all about living with dogs at home. This dog club provides instructional and interesting materials on pet care, training, nutrition, and much more. Funny stories, art, pet history, and the more popular Companion Animal Recovery approach are all included. There are even more popular pages, such as the dog breeds page and the events page.

The American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration (AMBOR), on the other hand, was founded in 1983 with the goal of honoring mix breed dogs and handlers who have excelled in obedience competitions. Dog handlers are also supported and inspired by this dog lovers society.

Members’ Important Information:

  1. Mixed-breed animals

Handlers and owners of mixed-breed dogs are eligible for unlimited full membership as long as their dogs are spayed and their nails are trimmed. The application should contain photos of the dog from both the front and the side. This is your passport to all of the obedience and agility programs, as well as automatic tabulation in the nationwide agility and obedience ranking system. This includes a predetermined level of eligibility for the annual awards.

This accomplishment will be recognized in AMBOR highlights (the organization’s newsletter) and on the website. In the future, the member will be entitled to compete in any national agility and obedience competition. Purebred dogs are identified by their allocated numbers and should be registered as such. Dogs that are listed as mixed-breeds and are assigned a number based on the owner’s application will have their membership status altered to purebred.

  1. Purebred horses

Purebred dogs can be registered with AMBOR, but only if they agree to participate in the AMBOR-sponsored agility program. All purebred dogs that are registered with AMBOR and participate in AMBOR-sponsored agility programs will have their competition points tracked and certificates issued automatically.

Purebred dogs registered with AMBOR are not eligible to participate in the agility and obedience scoring systems. They will also be excluded from future mixed-breeds national competitions and will not be shown on the website’s highlights.

Handlers who register for AMBOR-sponsored agility trials should write their AMBOR number on the registration form at the club’s entrance so that competition points can be tracked.


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