Your subject lines play a vital role in any email campaign advertisements, regardless of whether you’re utilizing safelists, autoresponders, ezine solo ads, or any opt-in list that involves email. Your subject line will determine the success or failure of your return on investment, so be sure to grab their attention immediately.

Here are six headlines that have worked for me in the past, and I am confident that they will work for you as well. The technology will always evolve, but human ambition and curiosity will remain constant.

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I’ve had so much success utilizing this subject line to promote free classified sites, safelists, and those viral ad boards, for whatever reason.

  1. Hi, My name is Paul

This is effective because it piques the interest of customers. I’m a sucker for this topic line every time. Who is Paul, exactly? I’ve had success utilizing ezine solo advertising for this.

I need your assistance, please

It’s difficult to describe, but there’s something about being human that compels us to constantly want to assist other humans.

  1. Bob, I have not yet obtained your shipping address.

What! my delivery address? Why do you require my address for shipping? This topic line in particular attracted my curiosity. Sending post cards to your members or prospects will increase your sales, particularly if you customize the card.

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When advertising an affiliate program for a search engine e-book, this one generated several purchases through the Trafficswarm traffic exchange service. Even increased sales using the same subject line for ezine solo advertising.

  1. Paul, Please accept my deepest regrets.

My initial thought upon seeing this subject line in an email was “who/why/what are you sorry about?…huh?” Exactly, it piqued my interest and piqued my curiosity. The sender apologized for not delivering the email regarding a new traffic exchange scheme sooner. Good grief.

Make your subject line so intriguing that it is nearly impossible for your prospects to avoid opening the email. If you can mesmerize your readers with clever subject lines, you are well on your way to closing the deal. Also, if recipients identify the sender, this will increase the likelihood that your email will be opened. Instead of using fictitious identities, utilize your genuine name.

Obviously, I do not advocate using any of these subject lines if they do not accurately reflect the content of the email message. If you rely on dishonesty in your email marketing, you will only damage your trust and reputation.

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