Six Profitable Autoresponder Applications

  1. Offer an email course.

Build a course or utilize your articles to create a course that you can sell to your website visitors.

You’ll be able to inform people about your goods and enhance your sales by highlighting the advantages they’ll receive from purchasing from you.

Send out extracts from your ebook.

Increase your sales by demonstrating to your visitors the value of the information you have to give.

Simply tie together extracts from several or a single chapter of your book, and then distribute them to your subscribers as an autoresponder series.

If you have an affiliate network, you may enhance your sales by making this autoresponder series available to your affiliates, along with any email courses you provide.

Publish an e-newsletter.

With broadcast-capable autoresponders, you’ll be able to double-opt-in all of your new subscribers and distribute your newsletters on your own timetable.

Promote your ezine on your website and send it to directories and announcement lists for ezines.

If you create articles, you may also increase your number of new subscribers by promoting your ezine in the resource box.

You may also advertise your ezine in your email signature and gain additional subscribers through your daily emails and contributions to discussion groups and forums in which you participate.

  1. Offer a sample issue.

Make accessible through autoresponder one of your current, greatest ezine issues.

Then, make it available on your website and, if possible, incorporate it with your other ezine material when submitting your ezine to ezine directories.

Publish a list of article announcements.

Create a list that notifies ezine publishers and webmasters when you’ve produced a new article or articles. This will encourage them to publish your articles on a regular basis.

You’ll be able to maintain contact with people who love your work, which will enhance the frequency with which your pieces are published and site traffic.

Make accessible a training course to your affiliates.

Your affiliates may utilize a basic email training course to learn how to successfully market your items and earn commissions.

Your affiliates will have a resource they can print off and refer to again and again, and you will be able to enhance your revenues by assisting your affiliates in getting off to a good start.

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