We’ve all heard that building a Targeted “Opt-In” list is necessary for internet businesses to succeed.

This is where you will always have a reliable stream of FREE Targeted traffic (also known as ‘Sticky Traffic’) to market your products or services to for years to come.

It makes perfect logic, wouldn’t you agree?

And, we all know that ‘Email’ is where the real $MONEY$ is generated when it comes to internet marketing for your business since it allows You to Follow-Up with potential consumers until they decide to purchase from You.

The issue, however, is that most individuals do not know where to begin when it comes to establishing their own tailored opt-in list.

Now, for those who are new to Internet marketing and do not know what a “Opt-In” list is, here is a brief explanation:

An ‘Opt-In’ list is essentially a database containing the Names and Email Addresses of individuals who have registered to an email list using a web form, granting the list owner permission to send them periodic emails on the topic in which they have expressed interest.

Notice how I stated “granting that list owner access to email the list’s members”

This is known as “Permission Email Marketing”

This is the ABSOLUTELY safest kind of email marketing in which you cannot be accused of “SPAM.”

It is essential that you grasp this from the outset.

So, now that you understand what an opt-in list is and how it will benefit you and your business, it’s probably time for me to share with you the simple ‘Ten Step Process’ that I have put together for you on How-To build your own targeted opt-in list that you can email your offers to at any time for $Profit$.

Step 1: Select your Target market or specialty.

This is a very critical phase since you must determine your product’s or service’s target market at this point.

Consequently, if I were interested in selling a book on Internet marketing, my target demographic would be related to Internet marketing.

Can your target audience or niche be reached online?

In this phase, you must investigate whether or not your particular target audience can be reached online.

To do this, you must conduct keyword research utilizing terms relevant to your target audience.

You may accomplish this by utilizing the keyword research tool supplied by Overture at the URL shown below.


Simply enter the terms relevant to your target audience in the supplied field.

This will provide a complete history of how many times your target market-related terms were searched over the past 30 days.

As a general guideline, if your targeted keywords do not receive at least 15,000 monthly searches, I would not pursue this market because there is not much demand.

Step 3: Are they profitable in this market?

Here is where you must conduct research on your competitors to determine whether or not people are spending money in this niche.

You may accomplish this by visiting Google at http://www.google.com and entering your niche-related targeted keywords in the given form.

This produces a list of search results.

These results are your competition, but what’s even more crucial is that you’ll see adverts to the right of the page.

These are sponsored advertisements provided by Google AdWords.

This indicates that someone is prepared to pay for advertising, is paying attention to this particular Niche, and must be generating money if they are paying for advertising.

This is excellent news for you.

Step 4: Utilize Forums to identify your target market’s issues.

By perusing their postings and checking for the most prevalent discussions, forums are a fantastic location to discover exactly what your potential consumers’ TOP concerns are.

By doing so, you will immediately be able to determine your target market’s most pressing concerns and how you can help them.

To locate forums pertaining to your niche, visit Google at http://www.google.com and enter your chosen keywords followed by “+forums.”

(ex. internet marketing + forums)

  1. What is preventing them from achieving their goals?

This is where you must determine what is preventing them from achieving their goals in order to resolve their challenges, i.e., this is where you must collaborate with them to discover a solution.

Whether they require a Product or a Service of some type.

What solutions can you provide for their problems?

Here is where the funds are spent.

Now, all you need to collect your portion of the income is a Product or Service that solves the problem of your potential clients.

If you lack your own Product or Service, do not become disheartened.

I will provide you with two places where you can locate items or services connected to any niche for which you can become an affiliate and earn a commission for every sale you generate by just directing your visitors to their website.

The websites http://www.clickbank.com and http://www.associateprograms.com should be visited.

Step #7. Set-Up a simple direct response mini-site.

Here is where you Set-Up your lead-generating website with a Follow-Up System, which your potential clients will visit to opt-in to your list and begin getting offers or relevant information on the topic or issue they are experiencing.

This is a straightforward procedure, and you can visit my website as an illustration of how one would appear.


If you do not know how to create a website, you can always pay someone to do it for you by visiting… http://www.elance.com

Get an Auto-Responder account as the eighth step.

This is where you will set the groundwork for your list.

You MUST have an Auto-Responder account Set-Up before you make your mini-site live, since here is where your possible consumers will enter their Name and Email Address so that you may begin creating a list to send them your offers or other relevant information.

Therefore, do not skip this crucial step.

You must determine the ‘Bait’ to utilize in Step 9.

What I mean by “bait” is what are you going to provide them for FREE to get them to join your opt-in list?

Here are some examples of ‘bait’: ebooks, special reports, mini-courses, discount vouchers, etc.

These are the most widespread. It actually depends on your intended audience, so be creative.

Step 10: Communicate with your target market.

This section involves sending visitors to your website in order to get subscribers.

I will simply describe two techniques.

These approaches are the most POWERFUL and effective for good reason.

The initial strategy is Writing Articles.

By writing articles, you demonstrate to your target market that you know how to help them solve their problems and may have a solution for them.

This is the most efficient method for establishing INSTANT reputation in your niche.

Using Pay-Per-Click search engines to drive targeted visitors to your mini-site is the second option.

Pay-Per-Click search engines are where you bid on keywords related to your target market and are ranked based on the highest bid for each keyword phrase.

Using PPC search engines will immediately get you in front of your target audience.

Writing articles provides you with INSTANT credibility and places you in front of thousands of readers, while Pay-Per-Click search engines deliver you EXTREMELY focused traffic to your website within minutes, depending on the PPC search engine you choose.

The more visitors you drive to your website, the more subscribers you will get.

It’s merely a game of numbers.

Thus concludes “10 Quick and Easy Steps to Building a HIGHLY Targeted and Receptive Opt-In List.”

Now… it is up to you to take the required Action to get started with your own customized Opt-In list.

If you already have an online web company, simply apply the preceding methods to your existing website.

These are the 10 fundamental actions necessary to begin your opt-in list building off on the right foot.

Simply adhere to these steps, and you’ll have your first subscriber in no time.

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